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Welcome to Mountain View Tyda Valley Resorts

A Wonderful Resort

Mountain View Resorts looks forward to the honour of welcoming you to our four acre of tropical ambiance set among the thick forest with 360-degree view of Mountain whether you're looking to relax, explore or just enjoy, it is the ideal location. We have equipped the holiday cottages, Rooms, restaurant, Swimming pool with everything you will need to ensure a comfortable stay, and we hope that you will feel completely at home during your time here. All cottages are well furnished and having private balconies with the views of either the lushly landscaped patio or pool area. Recreational Facilities includes Children’s park, Swimming pool (both for Adult & Child), Natural waterfalls and Lawns. Camp Fire with Tribal Dance (Dhimsa): The surrounding area will be ideal in the evening for a beautiful location. It's a joy for the guests to be in the nature enjoying the mesmerizing amidst the greenery. The music is enchanting and enhances the blossom of the environment. Bathe in the mesmerizing Music played by Tribes, Traditional songs and Dance performances by the local women tribes in the courtyard amidst the thick foliage..

Our Resorts concept consisting spacious & well furnished Cottages, Rooms, Suits, Restaurant, Conference hall, Swimming Pool,  a small Natural Waterfall and Children Play Park. Etc....